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Throughout it’s history, wrestling has churned out all sorts of overt national stereotypes. Everything from the heroic all Americans and evil Russians to British kings, Irish leprechauns and Samoan wildmen. How do the wrestlers playing these characters feel? And has the industry moved on? Let’s find out.



  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. is a wrestling consultant on the Netflix show GLOW starring Alison Brie. He is also a producer on Lucha Underground.
  • Here’s the entrance video for Los Guerreros, the tag team with his uncle Eddie which gives a good idea of his character when he was in WWE. And here’s the debut of ‘Kerwin White’.
  • Rikishi is now a trainer at Knokx Pro Academy. You can follow him on Twitter here. Here he is administering his patented move The Stinkface:
  • Here is the “Great White Hope” speech he gave, explaining he ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin and he did it for The Rock.
  • Here is Rikishi’s Make a Difference Fatu character. Here he is as The Sultan. Here he is The Headshrinkers. And here he is in The Samoan SWAT team.
  • Neville is on Twitter here.
  • Dave Meltzer is editor of the Wrestling Observer.
  • Court Bauer runs MLW. He is on Twitter here.