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Episode three of this season features the following guests: Court Bauer, Sam Adonis Dave Meltzer and Heather Bandenburg.

Did the President of the United States use wrestling as a dress rehearsal for his political career? How was the character of “Donald Trump” written and what legacy did he leave behind in wrestling? Let’s dive deep into the politics.



  • Former WWE writer Court Bauer’s radio network MLW is here. He is on Twitter here.
  • Kane’s campaign advert is on YouTube here.
  • Donald Trump’s Hall Of Fame acceptance speech can be watched here.
  • Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain’s video addressing an episode of Raw is here.
  • Sam Adonis wrestles for CMLL in Mexico. He is on Twitter here.
  • Dave Meltzer is the editor of the Wrestling Observer.
  • The visual identity is by the design practice of James Lunn, with the illustrations by Paul Cooper.