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Men going face-to- face with women in the wrestling ring is an issue that divides opinion. Some think it may encourage domestic violence by normalising a man hitting a woman to an audience. Others think it’s empowering for women – to be athletically at the same level as a man given we are, after all, talking about a scripted sport. It is a debate that rumbles on both in the mainstream and on local wrestling shows across the globe.

Episode one of this season features the following guests: Kris Levin, Abbey Laith, Andy Quildan, Klondyke Kate, Bob Zmuda and Dave Meltzer.



  • There is a piece about this episode in The Independent and The Huffington Post.
  • The match that was stopped in New York can be seen on YouTube here. Kris is on Twitter.
  • Abbey Laith is part of the Mae Young Classic on the WWE Network in September. She’s on Twitter too.
  • Andy Quildan’s promotion is Revolution Pro Wrestling. Their shows can be seen online here and they’re also on Twitter.
  • Klondyke Kate’s face off with Big Daddy on the World Of Sport can be seen here. Kate is on Twitter here.
  • “Andy Kaufman Wrestles The Ladies”  is on YouTube here. The film about Andy Kaufman’s life is called Man On The Moon. REM wrote the song of the same name and The Great Beyond about him.
  • Dave Meltzer is the editor of the Wrestling Observer.
  • The visual identity is by the design practice of James Lunn, with the illustrations by Paul Cooper.